The journey continues…

Ok so I don’t know why this mattered to me so much, but it just did. I’m under 140lb for the first time since pregnancy! I’m a British girl so I always have it in my head that if I’m under 10st, that’s a good thing for my frame. 

The journey has been long and frustrating at times, but I feel like I’m getting along the right track. This victory is even sweeter because I’m not allowed to exercise right now. 

On that note, I’m feeling like I’m finally getting somewhere with recovery. Physio works wonders people! I was in so much pain before my appointment on Tuesday and now the pain has all but disappeared. I just have to be diligent with my exercises. 
I was worried about looking flabbier through lack of exercise, but the inch loss speaks for itself too. I’ll have to focus on getting my squat booty back another day 😆

I quite honestly feel high on life right now! 


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