Slow down mama…

There’s a big reason why doctors tell women to wait 6 weeks before resuming exercise. I ignored this and started after 1 – that’s a mistake I’ve been paying for since. 

Yes I was ‘really fit’ before and yes I also worked out throughout my pregnancy, but I did not give myself enough credit for the massive endurance test my body went through when I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. 

Mistakes made in the first 6 weeks include running, skipping and squatting – I did not feel good for days afterwards. A constant case of ‘one step forwards and two back.’ 

What did I achieve by starting early? Absolutely F all! It’s only now – 9 weeks later – that I don’t feel like I’ve done myself permanent damage any time I train. I genuinely think that by starting too early, I cost myself time. 

So I implore all those new mums who are similarly wired to me (fitness addicts) to wait it out. Go for long walks, get to grips with baby wearing, do the recommended pelvic floor and ab exercises but don’t expect too much from your body – it’s been through a hell of a lot!



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