Progress is Progress…

In my efforts to stay positive, I’m celebrating the victories I’ve had this week. 

A friend sent me this picture and it’s completely bang on accurate in terms of what I need to do. If I look at everything in its entirety, the road ahead seems too long but break it up into sections and I’ll be alright! 

So today was my ‘weigh in’ day and I’ve lost another pound. Again, still a way to go until I get back to normal but I’m along the right track. I’m averaging around a pound a week now so I have approximately 14 weeks to go before being at my comfortable weight.

I met with my coach today for a PT session. It also gave me a chance to go through my at home training plan (more on this separately). It felt so good to be back in a Crossfit gym, the prospect of getting pbs or competiting again now doesn’t feel like a million years in the future! 

The final victory is keeping up with my intentions to practice yoga daily. I think it’s really helping with my sense of ‘inner calm’ and enabling me to have a generally more positive outlook on life. I haven’t cried this week which is a pretty major victory right now! 


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