Nobody’s perfect…

And least of all me! 


So week one of ‘gluten free’ started off well: I lost a pound, avoided processed sugars and even felt more energetic.
Then husband left for a business trip and it kinda fell apart. Having no food in the house absolutely didn’t help my cause. 

The first ‘cheat’ was a  fairly harmless Wholemeal wrap at a friends house, but I ended the week with a bingeworthy Thai takeaway. I (conveniently) forgot that rice was gluten too. If that wasn’t bad enough, I woke up this morning feeling utterly shit – maybe what I thought to be the healthier option was actually full of MSG? 

Anyway, after feeling like I’ve had bricks in my stomach all day, I’ve come to realise that gluten is just too much for me to handle – maybe I should go cold turkey instead?  

Luckily for me, husband isn’t going away again any time soon and I’ll try my best not to sabotage myself again! Here’s to doing better in week 2 😁



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