I’m going gluten free…

So the results are in from my nutritionist – she wants me to cut gluten out. This is hardly surprising as I’ve often had issues with bloating and IBS. 

I managed to successfully complete Whole 30 whilst pregnant – and felt so much better for it. I guess by the end of my third trimester, my eating habits had relaxed quite a lot and the treats snuck in again. Perhaps this will help me feel more energetic? 

So this will be a whole new challenge now I have a baby in tow again. At least Zoey is now a little older and therefore sleeping longer. I need to get my prep game sorted as I’m currently pretty shit at making meals in bulk. This leaves me reaching for a sandwich when I know it does me no good at all! 

I’m currently binging on Pinterest for decent gluten free meal options. I’ll certainly have to keep carbs up in alternative ways because I’m breastfeeding. 

To be honest, I’m actually pretty excited about this. I love a challenge and as they say, abs are made in the kitchen not just the gym! 

If anyone has gluten free meal options they love, it’d be great to hear from you. 


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