Starting Over 

This is the miserable face of someone who has lost all her strength… 

Today I have (perhaps unwisely) attempted a Kipping pull-up and a 60kg deadlift. I failed miserably at both. These are both movements that would’ve been no problem, even well into my third trimester of pregnancy. 

Not entirely sure why I’ve suddenly got so weak. But perhaps at 5 weeks post partum, I should give myself a break? 

The main problem is, all of my old pbs are etched on my brain. Another is the fact my body just isn’t ready for intense training. It’s frustrating but I guess hardly surprising – I keep forgetting just how intense birth is. 

So anyway, I’ve wiped the slate clean… Deleted all my pbs from My WoD and re-recording everything. No matter how light the weight. Maybe in time it’ll make me feel better?

In time I’ll up the intensity of the training. Hopefully in time I’ll be able to do Kipping pull-ups again. Gradually a 60kg deadlift will seem super easy too. The main thing I need to do is stay positive and trust the process. 

I’m interested to know how long other mums took to ‘get back to normal’ post pregnancy? 


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