Exercise Post-Partum 

Most women return to exercise after their 6 week check at the doctors, however this is a scenario I just couldn’t handle! I’ve always been super active and trained right up until birth, therefore sitting on my ass for over a month was unbearable.

First off though, I must state that my pregnancy was healthy and the birth without complications. I was also checked and cleared by my midwife to begin exercise at two weeks. 

In the very early days, I took Zoey on daily walks. At first just walking around the block felt hard but I also instantly reaped the benefits of getting outside for a change of scene – breastfeeding in the early days can leave you sat in the same place for ages! The Fitbit has become a crucial tool for ensuring I move enough during the day – 10,000’steps is surprisingly hard to accomplish! 

At two weeks I started on the BirthFit ‘Queen in Training’ program. This is largely Crossfit based, designed to get strength, mobility and fitness back post-Bub. Each day gets a little more intense buts it feels so fantastic to get my muscles working again. For me this is the perfect re-introduction back into the world of Crossfit as each session only takes a maximum of 30 minutes.

Now here’s the reality: postpartum training is fucking hard! I often can’t complete a session in one go and sometimes I take all day to complete it. This obviously requires patience and dedication – for me this is absolutely worth it for my general wellbeing. I don’t do well without exercise and I’d much rather do 10 minute stints throughout a day over nothing at all. Also this is the perfect excuse for me to bum around in active wear all day! 

None of this is detrimental to my daughter. I work everything around her and only exercise when she’s asleep, content or cuddled up to her daddy. If she’s hungry or needs me, I drop everything – hence why it takes so long! 

It’s only early days but I’m starting to figure out what works. I’ll go for a long walk in the morning whilst Zoey is alert (she enjoys looking at the trees!) and aim for as many hill climbs as possible. Then I’ll fit in a short weights based set in the garage. 

When Zoey is a little older, I’ll return to a Crossfit box. I’m lucky enough to have a fab coach who is writing me a recovery programme that I can do at home in the meantime. Once I hit 6 weeks, I’ll also start the Kayla Itsines BBG training. The circuit based training gets incredible results and I like the fact that workouts can be broken up into 7 minute stints.

I guess many will think me a complete psycho for going to such lengths just to get a workout in, however this is what makes me feel good! 



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